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Name status

Legal rejected all the codenames for the Fedora 10 release, other than
"Red Hat Linux," that we sent in the top ten short list on which the
Board voted.  So we're down to the next ten, and they may make it
difficult for Artwork to craft a theme around.  I should have word back
on these names much more quickly than the last ones.  The new candidate
names are:


(There are 11 on the list because one of them, Cambridge, is also the
name of a previous Red Hat Linux release and therefore we will probably
not use it, even though we know it will pass legal muster.)

I know that the Artwork team really wanted to unify the theme against
the name, which is one reason we are trying to have it settled much
earlier this cycle.  (And we can try for even earlier next cycle, to be

What I don't want is for anyone to lose sight of the fact that the work
the Artwork team has done for several releases now has been uniformly
great, regardless of the code name of the release.  And it's all been
done in an open, transparent fashion, powered by community ideas and
purely FOSS tools.

Having said all that, what are the Artwork team members' feelings about

Paul W. Frields
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