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Re: Fonts SIG Request

Stojan Dimitrovski wrote:
Hello everyone,


I was playing around today and I made this banner for the Fonts SIG
request up in DesignService. The idea behind it is that before computers
there were typewriters and presses. They used little metal letters which
when covered with ink/carbon they left an impression on the paper. So I
tired to recreate that with Inkscape. Of course they aren't a full
representation of the metal-type (something like Linotype), but close
enough (it's hard to recreate metal with Inkscape).

While the ultimate decision of taking or rejecting the banner stands with the people on the Fonts SIG, I can say it looks like a good start for me (but I think you have some work to do).

I used MgOpen Modata for all fonts. The first letters are latin but used
in many, many alphabets. The other ones are from the Malayalam alphabet
(Why? Because I think they are one of the most stylish letters ever
written!). I do not know their meaning or anything, but they look very

Hope you like it and please do not be shy to beat me up if you don't
like it (make sure you say why you don't like it).

Look at the page where the banner will be used: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Fonts_SIG - your background color does not match (and does not match the rest of the banners on our wiki).

Also look at other banners, like this one: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork

Add a shadow at the text bottom, to match our general style.

The reflection is wrong, it is a transparent gradient, bu the orientation should be inverse, you want more opacity near the start (top) and decreasing (to complete transparency at the extremity).

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