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[Waves Round 3] Burning Sulphur Waves Wallpaper


I've had some time so I've played a little more with the Waves theme.
First, I used the old mid-blue wallpaper as my background and realised
some things: the ocean blue works quite well with the sulphur, but the
transition between sky blue and ocean blue is odd. Also, it is still a
little too bright. Next, seeing the sketches from John Baer I thought I
could play a little with the idea of having both some sort of blue and
grey in the wallpaper. In the end I ended up with removing the halo and
decreasing saturation a lot. The result is nearly-grey sky and dark
grey-blue ocean. 

This combination seems to work quite well with the blue flames we
sketched earlier, so I added the flames to the wallpaper. You can see
the result in the Waves page [1]. Like with the previous try, I put it
on my desktop to see, after some days of using it, how it works...

Thanks for comments,

PS: I hope that with this approach I satisfied both the "blue-lovers"
and "blue-haters" ;-)

PPS: I hope we can finally decide on the colour and create the rest of
the graphics that is needed for Round 3 :-)


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