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Re: [Waves Round 3] Burning Sulphur Waves Wallpaper

Martin Sourada wrote:
I've had some time so I've played a little more with the Waves theme.
First, I used the old mid-blue wallpaper as my background and realised
some things: the ocean blue works quite well with the sulphur, but the
transition between sky blue and ocean blue is odd. Also, it is still a
little too bright. Next, seeing the sketches from John Baer I thought I
could play a little with the idea of having both some sort of blue and
grey in the wallpaper. In the end I ended up with removing the halo and
decreasing saturation a lot. The result is nearly-grey sky and dark
grey-blue ocean.

While I like your nearly-grey sky, I am not that happy with the transition from sky to water. What I liked best in Mo's grey was the smooth transition from sky to water.

Do you plan to change the color of the sky as part of the "animated" background? If so, it would be good to play also with those shades.

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