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Re: Waves Grub Artwork

Máirín Duffy wrote:
I came up with the attached after a couple days' work. Let me know what you think! I attached the artwork as well as the xpm.gz. Copy it over to /boot/grub and rename it splash.xpm.gz (back up yer old one if you want) and reboot to check it out in action.

You wanted a less blue, grayish background. This splash is you moving
from gray to more blue or is a blue grub splash and a gray desktop

One thing to note, I did this by indexing the inkscape-exported full-color artwork in the gimp, and indexing down to 14 colors. That was it. I remember in the past having to add black and white to colormap slots 0 and 1 respectively, but grub seemed to not like that this time. If you just use the 14 color pixmap, grub seems to deal with it just fine.

Looking at the image I felt the urge to play with it :p Namely to try a version where the logo and the waves are not centered, however I have a problem: dithering. Which dithering method have you used? Everything I try with GIMP does not match your result, even starting from your original SVG (I get some ugly artifacts which I could clean manually, but I don't think you did so). So what dithering method have you used?

I recently changed my monitor and went from 4:3 to widescreen. I know we have here some hard limitation with the current version of GRUB and the splash *must* be 640x480 (GRUB 2, which may be the solution, is still away from us) *but* the logo looks ugly, it is deformed (we can't avoid this, on that resolution on a widescreen the pixels are not square). I think we can try a workaround: just not use the bubble logo, maybe put just a sulfur crystal and leave it as that, unbranded (hoping the deformation on the crystal is less noticeable). Or is the corner case of GRUB on widescreen display shown only for a couple of seconds when nobody is looking anyway too narrow and we can live with a deformed logo?

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