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Re: Waves Grub Artwork

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Nicu Buculei wrote:
I think we can try a workaround: just not use the bubble logo, maybe put just a sulfur crystal and leave it as that, unbranded (hoping the deformation on the crystal is less noticeable). Or is the corner case of GRUB on widescreen display shown only for a couple of seconds when nobody is looking anyway too narrow and we can live with a deformed logo?

You know, that is why I went with the 'fedora' logotype only in the F8 artwork and not the Fedora infinity logo. I did that one on my widescreen monitor. I did this one on my normal 1024x768 monitor. ;)

It definitely seems a good idea to try it with just the sulphur crystal. Grub should always say 'Fedora' in the kernel lines text above anyway so it should be clear that this is Fedora.

I tried something: non-centered burning sulfur (SVG, PNG preview and splash.xpm.gz). I am not very happy with dithering, even after I heavily edited the results but the aspect ratio problem does not look that bad to me with it.

Another try was without the flame, as it was a source of inconvenient light pixels, it needed a lot less tweaking after dithering.

Of course *I can* see the pixels in both on my 20" widescreen display and further pixel tweaking is still possible.

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