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Re: Waves Grub Artwork

Hey Nicu!

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:

I'll take a try at the flame, but it's gonna be tough :)


I blogged about those images and got a comment about how the crystals look like a pile of dog excrements and with flames like a steaming one. And looking at *my* creations, it is not that far off...

Fortunately your last version preserves the crystal faces and is much better.

Heheh flaming dog crap......... whoopsie :)

I have a couple ideas:

- Let's change up the shape of the sulphur crystals so they are taller and maybe more in a diamond configuration than the lumpy ("dog crap") configuration they are in now so hopefully no analogies could be made at least visually. :) The individual crystal faces could be given more angular, strong shapes as well such that no dog could crap out such a shape :)

- Make the overall crystal shape a bit taller, more square at least than its current short and horizontally wide shape, so when we go from the standard aspect ratio to widescreen, the stretching is less noticeable.

The screen ratio is definitely a challenge here. In f8 it worked great because they were just abstract lines so stretching was only noticeable in the logotype and even then not much.


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