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Applying to the Art group in the Accounts System

Hi folks,

Do you think it would be fair to require folks applying for art accounts to post a self-introduction to the list? How about complete at least one minor design task? (EG hackergotchi or banner design off the design queue?)

We might want to go through the current accounts, contact the inactive account owners to see if they still intend to get involved in the group, and if we don't hear back from them in x time or if they indicate they are not interested, remove their accounts from the group.

We've been getting a lot of account requests lately and while I do know a few folks who are working on things, there are a lot of names that I don't recognize and I haven't seen active on the list or working on projects that we are aware of at least. Adding someone to the art group is a big deal because it gives them the right to vote in Fedora elections I think among other things. The marketing group had proposed an introduction requirement to add people to the group and I was thinking it might be good for us to have a better policy as well.

What do you think?


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