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Re: Wiki Migration

Hey Mike!

Mike McGrath wrote:
The Infrastructure team is looking to move to mediawiki and would like to
work with your team to figure out how best to do that.  We have over 4,000
attachments that we have no idea what to do with right now.  What would be
optimum for your team?  Would a non-wiki solution work best?  Do any of
you know of any gallery type plugins for mediawiki?

I forgot to talk to you about this - but the gallery2wiki plugin for media wiki looks pretty sweet. It does dynamic galleries based on the tags you add to photos. It seems pretty sweet:


I have used gallery before and it's not bad so I think this might be worth a try?

How does your workflow work for the arts section of the wiki?  Does it
work for you guys?  Do you like it?

It's okay for writing up specification style documents eg having inline mockups in a spec or having a list of graphics for one specific purpose (e.g. the release artwork mockups). But sometimes it would be nice to have a galley of all the artwork of a specific style, e.g., to be able to tag all artwork that is a banner and be able to have a dynamic gallery of all banners would be awesome! Or to have one gallery of all the mockups and iterations of one particular piece we're working on would also be helpful.

Anyone here interested in helping with the wiki migration?  As you can
see, we've got a LONG way to go.


Count me in, what can I do?


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