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Re: brainstorm: which sulphur variation?

Ian Weller wrote:
Throughout Waves/Round3Final [1], we see the plain Fedora logo on waves, the Fedora logo with non-burning sulphur on waves, and the wallpapers with burning sulphur. Should we plan to standardize it across the board or keep it creative?

My argument for standardization is that the purpose of the theme is to standardize all of the graphics, however my argument against it is that sulphur is different in nature, depending on how much there is or what it's with.

I think standardization is good.

I personally would like the Fedora logo with the sulphur in all the images, but we'd have to reburn it, and the Fedora logo might look like it were on fire.

I like *a lot* the combination of logo and crystals from the Firstboot image but I also know we don't want logos on the desktop wallpaper, so it won't be used there.

The RHGB screen is all blue, a bit of monotone, a bit of color (a yellow crystal. with or without logo, with or without flame) would make it more vivid.

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