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Re: brainstorm: which sulphur variation?

On Mon, 17 Mar 2008, Nicu Buculei wrote:
I think standardization is good.

I like *a lot* the combination of logo and crystals from the Firstboot image but I also know we don't want logos on the desktop wallpaper, so it won't be used there.

The RHGB screen is all blue, a bit of monotone, a bit of color (a yellow crystal. with or without logo, with or without flame) would make it more vivid.
So should we keep the current sulphur configuration on the desktops, and
have the sulphur "archipelago" with the logo when we want the logo?  I
also don't think it should necessarily be burning, since the Fedora logo
is in the way, and we should probably not be setting Fedora on fire.  :/

I personally think that everything we can put the logo on without it
being stretched, or being a desktop picture, should have the

Of course, these concepts slap standardization in the face a little bit,
but it's more than it currently is... -- ian

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