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Re: F7 Art Programs Used?

Frank Murphy wrote:
On Tue, 2008-03-18 at 15:17 +0200, Nicu Buculei wrote:
Frank Murphy wrote:
Can someone lmk, what apps were used for the background?
Are you asking about Fedora 7 and the Flying High theme? That was made with Photoshop (don't ask :p ) by Diana, who is no longer with us (GIMP can open .psd files).

I'm asking because my brain seems to see 3d, rather than 2d,
and if I can swing fedora 3d apps to my use, 3d wouldn't be dismissed
out ofhand?

Absolutely, feel free to experiment with Blender and the other 3d tools offerred in Fedora. There's nothing against 3D artwork in Fedora :)

The F7 artwork isn't 3d though, it's a layered photomanipulation which is easy enough to do with the Gimp. The F6 artwork as Nicu mentioned makes use of 3D art that Mola created in Blender.

For ulterior versions (F8, F9) it mostly Inkscape and GIMP. Note that some other applications where used and probably will be used, the F6 "DNA" theme was a combination of Blender and Photoshop/GIMP.

Have also installed gimp, inkscape, makehuman (fedora) , and Povray (atrmps, why not in fedora?)

Not sure why Povray is not in Fedora :(

So will work on some stuff 3d based :) (foss)



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