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Re: F9Themes/Waves/Round3Final

On Thu, 20 Mar 2008, Gerold wrote:

Hi all,

I know, you love me all, with my "wonderful ideas" *g*

I saw the page and I must say, I'll love the F9 Background changing with
the daytime ...

Please, only a thinking of mine and not sure this is doable :-/
I thought about one thing: Let's "burn" sulphur for a day!

on the morning time, the sulphur will be starting burning with a small
flame which grows over the day and goes down again in the direction of the
night ....
... and then @ night, the boulder of sulphur should glow maybe also with
different intensity ...

What do you think????

I'm really sure for me it isn't doable because it's more than a challenge;
for the artwork Team it is doable to create the backgrounds ...
... but is this idea kindly?


This idea came up a week or two ago in the IRC channel, and I'm not sure where the idea went, but I think the decision was that it was a bit complex. Of course, anyone else on this list could say I'm wrong. ;)

-- ian

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