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Re: Waves Grub Artwork

this looks classic when compared to the sulphur fumes. Infact Sulphur crystals are looking a bit smeared.

2008/3/11 Máirín Duffy <duffy fedoraproject org>:
Hey folks,

I came up with the attached after a couple days' work. Let me know what
you think! I attached the artwork as well as the xpm.gz. Copy it over to
/boot/grub and rename it splash.xpm.gz (back up yer old one if you want)
and reboot to check it out in action.

One thing to note, I did this by indexing the inkscape-exported
full-color artwork in the gimp, and indexing down to 14 colors. That was
it. I remember in the past having to add black and white to colormap
slots 0 and 1 respectively, but grub seemed to not like that this time.
If you just use the 14 color pixmap, grub seems to deal with it just fine.


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