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Re: Waves Syslinux Graphics

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Nicu Buculei wrote:
And I like better version 1. for consistency (all the other screens have reflection in the water, not on an additional plane) and 2. for physical reasons (we have waves on a liquid surface and a plane and is not realistic at all - the water is like a wall).

However, I agree the second look more contrasting and we had that bottom reflection plane in F8 too.

Yeh that's a really good point. I like the contrast of #2 but it does look pretty unnatural. I think #1 is a more consistent choice with the rest of the theme.

What I'm gonig to do is fade out the waves to dark in #1 as I did in #2. I think that would make #1 look a little better. Then I think maybe would should go with #1.

Okay, as promised, here it is, i think it turned out pretty good:



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