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Re: [Echo] Reworked media-optical icon

Quoting Martin Sourada <martin sourada gmail com>:

> Hi,
> I've just finished reworking the media-optical icon to follow the
> guidelines and to have all the necessary sizes. There remains one simple
> question to answer (apart from approval from you ;-) - how we will make
> the derivations: media-optical-{cd,dvd,bd,hddvd}? Just add the text (CD,
> DVD, BLU-RAY, HD DVD)? Use label with the text? Use different colours?
> Any suggestions? I'd prefer one of the text variants, since it's clear
> what the text says (while different colours might cause confusion).
> Also, there is an alternative that we just symlink all those to
> media-optical...

FYI, Fedora 9 seems to use emblems for the media. As for the optical-media, I
honestly don't think this kind of gradient works due to their metallic and
dispersion nature. Having different colours would be enough and leave the label
for the emblem purpose.

Luya Tshimbalanga
Fedora Project contributor

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