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F9 Launch Banner

Hey folks,

So it looks like we need a banner for the front page of FPO for the F9 launch. I think Ricky and tw2113 were working taking screenshots of F9 for the website. Do you guys have those screenshots publicly accessible somewhere? I'm thinking we could use them for the banner.

Our tagline is: "Fedora 9. Make Waves."

A couple of ideas for the main banner layout to correspond with this:

1) Have three screenshots that are all shined-up and blinged-up in three portal things with small, glowing pieces of sulphur surrounding them. Think three bottles of cold brew in ice, except the gleaming sulphur crystals are the ice and the screenshots are the brew. :) Pro: blingy, easy to do quickly. Con: Tagline is about waves, and this emphasizes sulphur.

2) Have three screenshots emerge from the water in a dark cave-like environment (ala http://www.simplenomics.com/wp-images/beowulf'sangelinajolie.jpg). The edges of the screenshots are glowing and cast bright reflections in the rippled water. Pro: fits with tagline, blingy. Con: Might take longer to do.

If we keep the banner text-free (no translations to worry about) then we can just have the byline run along top the graphic in plaintext.

Whatchu think? Any other ideas?


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