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Re: F9 Launch Banner

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Nicu Buculei wrote:
I am for using a simple, clean image, more like your first proposal than the second.

Well I came up with this then which is what I had in mind in the first proposal. It was quick and easy:


And it is good looking too.
I would like however the corners to be just a bit less rounded and the plane for the background waves in a somewhat different perspective, more parallel with the plane on which the screenshots sit. And speaking of screenshots, can we use some variation in them? Now all are mostly blue windows, maybe on the desktop one have a few application windows open (like the web browser showing he default start page the about GNOME dialog or the system monitor info)

How about something like "people"? I think something like a photo of a group of Fedora contributors, wearing Fedora t-shirts, maybe holding Fedora CDs showing their happiness (partying?). I know it is hard to to, as it require planning, access to people and props but lately I think more and more about showing the faces of people behind Fedora.

Yeh the problem is getting access to people and them being okay with us using their picture. Greg had proposed the idea of having hackergotchi stickers but there were a few folks who didn't end up wanting their hackergotchis to be on stickers... :(

Maybe we can use the release F9 parties when the right people in the right mood are gathered together and collect some group photos which we could use in future promotional materials?

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