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Re: Mist and gnome-icon-theme plans for GNOME 2.24/Fedora 10

Andreas Nilsson wrote:

• King Size - Even though 48x48 px canvas currently works well on the desktop for most people, there is a tendency to move towards higher resolution screens. There are also emerging projects such as GnomeDO and Elisa that require larger sized icons. Therefore we recently started experimenting with Large sized (256x256) icons for the most common icons. Lapo Calamandrei and Jakub Steiner will be taking care of the bits in gnome-icon-theme and I'll be fixing the ones in Mist. Help is greatly needed in this area.

This raises an interesting question about the default icon set in Fedora 10.

Lately Echo development gained some momentum, so maybe we should put our collective asses at work and come with a plan: try to get Echo as default in F10, so focus on it or we will rely again on Mist and help with those large sized icons (certainly, people can work on both, all is about the focus).

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