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I'd like to introduce myself. : )

My nickname is marverix, but my realy name is Marek Sierociński and
I'm from Poland. I'm 18 year old young man. I'd love to sketch and
have fun with vector graphics in Inkscape. So... I currenty use... Windows XP
x64... Yeah... I know is very very very strange that guy who is using
win want to join to Fedora-Art group... Yes... I think that's right :)
But I used Fedora 5 and I was pleased to use it. My class-mate is
currently downloading x64 version of Fedora 9 because I want to start
one more time adventrure with this OS.
I want also help creating Fedora. So I will be glad if you would add
me as member of your group.
I haven't many artworks but please look at:
Projects of webpages: http://marverix.info/Ardisia (project for garden
center) and http://www.stradi.pl (project for violin-maker).

I'm waitng for any response from you. :)

P.S. Sorry for my poor English.

Marek Sierociński
mareksierocinski gmail com

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