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hello group

My name is Adam Sobotka, as you might guess from name in e-mail. I am working on fedora with some breaks from version fc4. I use it as main system from 6, at least at home. In my job, I manage 4 fedora installations, but we are still mostly in Bill's camp as company.
I love fedora for being stable and innovative system. I was little bit frozen in place when RedHat made their "no desktop" decision, but fedora is still better distro then ubuntu for me - probably because hard work of community.
About art. I simply loved style and consistency in fedora 6. I am little nerd when it comes to right feeling on desktop. So I tried to make some wallpapers and found two basic mistakes I did in process. First is that a lot of people like defaults as they are, because they are good, simple and consistent. Second...half of people visiting sites like gnomelook are simply crazy and I just don't want to create che guevarra wallpapers to get better audience.
So I decided to contact you, people making stuff I like and ask if I can help. I like Inkscape and vector-like graphic. I used to work in 3d studio (so I hope can do something in blender), but to be honest, I don't like 3d like visuals, I think they just misguide standard desktop users.
You can see some wallpapers I made on http://gnome-look.org/usermanager/search.php?username=taliesin&action="">

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