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Re: [Project Idea] The Fedora History Tour

I want to join Infrastructure team.. but I read most of the information on the wiki, but not sure on how to just get started..? I'm sure that there should be some type of subversion that is used.. this would be the first time that I actually gets involved with the open source work.. but I'm a little busy for the next 2 weeks for final exams.. :(

- Grady

2008/5/26 Martin Sourada <martin sourada gmail com>:
Hi all!

As you know, we are heading towards the annual tenth release of Fedora.
And I thought it might be interesting to make some sort of tour through
the Fedora history. It might be interesting to directly compare Fedora 1
to Fedora 10 :-D

Any thoughts on this? Volunteers? Comments? Perhaps joining forces with
the Docs/Marketing folks?


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