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Re: [Project Idea] The Fedora History Tour

On Mon, 26 May 2008, Martin Sourada wrote:

As you know, we are heading towards the annual tenth release of Fedora.
And I thought it might be interesting to make some sort of tour through
the Fedora history. It might be interesting to directly compare Fedora 1
to Fedora 10 :-D

Maybe we could do something in the style of those 'group
autobiographies' [1] [2] and sit down all the Fedora Project Directors
from Fedora 1 up to Fedora 10 and just have them talk, do some light
copy editing, and post it somewhere. However I'm not sure how well this
would work, figuring that all the directors directed during a different
part in Fedora's history. (I'm not even sure if we had a project director for each Fedora release.)

-- ian

[1]: http://www.amazon.com/Pythons-Autobiography-Graham-Chapman/dp/0312311443
[2]: http://www.amazon.com/U2/dp/0060776757

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