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Re: echo, new ideas

Adam Sobotka wrote:
1) I have to say...I don't like idea of Echo as default. I think there is some missing piece in experience for fedora beginners. When you start Vista for first time, there is some wizard asking what background you like...if you want transparency...etc. Until our newbies can choose, best choice for them is most standard one (in my opinion).

And what is "the most standard"?

2)I don't know roadmap for 10, but is there any well known happening or historical event around? I mean..today is Mt.Everest day. In alternative history, if fedora 10 will arrive today..what about changing graphics, codename and whole communication strategy to sir Hillary great accomplishment, and bound these events together?

There was a large thread about the F10 codename, the first stage, of gathering proposals, and today is the last day. Then they will pass a legal check and after that a public vote will select the codename.

As for the release date, it is currently targeted for 28 October [1], but as the experience shows, that is not set in stone.

[1] - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/10/Schedule

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