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[Echo] New preferences-desktop-locale icon set DRAFT


I've just finished (initial take of) preferences-destkop-locale
icon set. I attach an one canvas PNG, SVG is available on my
fedorapeople page [1], and a screen-shot of it in action ;-)

The icon is currently really simple and I am not sure if everyone is OK
with this level of simplicity. On the other hand I am not much sure
about using UNO flag [2] for this icon (as is done by gnome and oxygen
icon themes). Using national flags is also out of question. Comments?
Suggestions? Your takes?


PS: It's interesting to see how various applications handle mask
functionality in inkscape (when the SVG is saved as Inkscape SVG). While
nautilus does not display masked objects at all, webkit-gtk on the other
hand display it as if no mask were applied. Epiphany (with xulrunner
backend) will display it correctly. Of course, when exported to Plain
SVG (which is done for the SVG icon that is put into scalable folders in
git), nautilus is back in the game :-D

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Flag_of_the_United_Nations.svg

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