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Re: [Echo] New utilities-lvm icon set draft

On Fri, 2008-09-05 at 01:48 -0700, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
> Using echo-canvas template, here is icon set of utilities-lvm.
> It is basically an updated version of upstream with echo-style.
> Feedback welcome.
> Luya

Few comments:
        * to me it seems too tall, perhaps it would look more like
        rotational cylinder if it were a little shorter
        * it's missing shadow
        * the 16x16 is not recognizable
        * can you use dark blue for the out-most border?
        * can you make the 256x256 more detailed and set borders as per
        the new guideline [1]? I'd separate the volumes completely in
        this size
        * perhaps using different colours for each particular volume
        might help with icon recognition
        * also the gradient could perhaps use more than one echo blues?
        (it would make the icon more saturated, not sure if it's
        desired, we'd need to try it first)
Not sure whether you have filled a bug in redhat bugzilla, but seems the
desktop file contains full path to the icon, it's impossible to theme
it. You should file it and add a note at fedora wiki [2].

I noticed you used transform matrix for the icons. Since I use transform
translate in the scripts to generate the scalable SVG, I'm not sure if
it will work correctly. I'll try it and report back if there are any
issues with it.


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