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R: Re: Photo for InvinXble

Hi Pavel,

I thanks a lot for ur invitation, but right now I'm very busy on work, and I'ven't got so many time to enjoy another (parallels) project.
Anyway Thanks again.


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Inviato: Giovedì, 4 settembre 2008 20:22:33 GMT +01:00 Amsterdam/Berlino/Berna/Roma/Stoccolma/Vienna
Oggetto: Re: Photo for InvinXble

2008/9/4 Martin Sourada <martin sourada gmail com>:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/ThemingOverview
> Not sure however, how much up-to-date it is...

I just noticed KDE section is outdated.
New KSplash engine in KDE4 is very flexible, with alpha blended PNG
sprite animation (i did fade-in+slide-in icons for f9) so only thing
that can't be done is alpha blending with desktop background (not even
rounded corners possible)
For KDM we (KDE SIG) would like to have userlist enabled by default,
so even having pretty nice layouting abilities for graphics, widget
layout can't be changed much.

As i mentioned already, you're very welcome to #fedora-kde, we will
appreciate that =)


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