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Solar Critique (was Re: Solar Round 3 - Almost ended)

Some feedback on solar thus far:

Samuele Storari wrote:
Hi all

I've almost done all the requirement for Solar Theme, leftin' me only the no-wide Wallpaper.
If someone checks other materials leftin me, please, let me know.

U can find all here.


- Where did the icons in the firstboot splash come from? We should be using gnome-icon-theme or Echo icons ideally. However it's not clear to me where this icons came from; we can't be using artwork from elsewhere without making sure the license allows it and is appropriate for Fedora.

- the syslinux splash design doesn't seem to feed the feel/mood of the rest of the artwork. I think we could make it more photo realistic even with the color restrictions.

- the background of the login window is too busy/distracting. Probably just a nice dark gradient would look nice although I don't even know if this kind of theming is possible with the new gdm.

- the design for GRUB is missing.


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