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Re: Solar Critique (was Re: Solar Round 3 - Almost ended)

On Tue, 2008-09-09 at 10:30 -0400, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> Some feedback on solar thus far:
> - Where did the icons in the firstboot splash come from? We should be 
> using gnome-icon-theme or Echo icons ideally. However it's not clear to 
> me where this icons came from; we can't be using artwork from elsewhere 
> without making sure the license allows it and is appropriate for Fedora.
I'd guess these are oxygen icons by the look, which should be fine - we
use them as default in KDE and they have good license.

> - the syslinux splash design doesn't seem to feed the feel/mood of the 
> rest of the artwork. I think we could make it more photo realistic even 
> with the color restrictions.
> - the background of the login window is too busy/distracting. Probably 
> just a nice dark gradient would look nice although I don't even know if 
> this kind of theming is possible with the new gdm.
I totally agree with those two, but AFAIK, syslinux does not have the
colour restriction GRUB has. The theme is probably for KDM which still
allows it and is IIRC on the KDE Spin ;-)

> - the design for GRUB is missing.
I think we could reuse the the syslinux one, only with 16 colours (or
how much it supports).

Personally I think the problem both with syslinux and login window theme
are the dots on background - they are too strong/too contrastive and
does not really fit well with the rest of the theme. The simplified sun
is also questionable, I think it works nice in the firstboot screen, but
nowhere else.

BTW. I liked the syslinux image from Round 2 (I think it's listed as
Anaconda Prompt Screen). I think it would work (after some
simplification) for the colour-limited GRUB as well.


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