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Re: Criteria for theme selection

Máirín Duffy wrote:

We could do:

- anyone who contributed a theme idea or artwork throughout the 3 round process - anyone who has contributed a design to the art team (via the design queue, echo theme, or art theme process) in the past 6 months (the fedora 9 release period) - anyone who is in the art group in the account system (i don't think we have cleaned this out yet though and there are a few inactive accounts still I think)

The membership queue is not in a bad shape, its main problem is people who did the tasks needed for membership and then went silent.

I think we should be realistic and avoid excessive bureaucracy: I won't, and I believe you won't either, compile by hand a huge list of all the people who contributed on the wiki, mailing list, git, cvs, etc. for half of a year and compare it with a list of votes (and I don't think we can automate this).

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