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Re: R: Re: Solar Round 3 - Almost ended

Samuele Storari wrote:
Hi Mairin,

The aurora U see was for all created by me, in no complex mode, as u can see in the source file so u don't have to recreate it cos as I done all by myself it's totally open.
I used the Cloud effect


but I color the cloud, and then I distort the cloud, apply the Screen Mode Blending layer Effect and that's all, i don't think we need any license.

For the planet as u can see it's all maded by different layer and there aren't part of not open material.
So don't worry, my works it's made right for their purpose, totally free and open source.

At least in the round 2 graphic, which i cracked open and played around with extensively, there was indeed an image of a moon in one of the layers. Where did that image come from?


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