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R: Re: R: Re: Solar Round 3 - Almost ended

Hi Mairin

Except that it's no mentioned anywhere that I have to provide a tutorial for my works I will explain all.

Ok let's start:

Open Gimp.

Take the selection tool (Square) of every size u want.
Then follow the tutorial for the fog.
Color the Fog or the Cloud as u prefer call it.

Then use the Radial Blur Effect on ur cloud with the Zoom Effect like this:


Put the maximum value Zoom and than apply the max distortion u can (let's doin some test before get what u like).
Choose as center of distortion the left side of ur img using the coordinates below in the window of the effect.

Ok now U have to do 2 things.

First apply the Screen Blending Mode use an 80 / 60 % opacity.

Than Apply an Opacity Mask to ur Cloud - Galaxy coloured - level.

(Little Trick: U can for other works use the cloud effect on the Mask and obtain some new kind of look.)

Ok there u are. Feel free to let ur immagination and creativity running free to color the mask.

Distort the Aurora using the Transform tool, everyone of the 4 u have will work, tryin on and on will be the best to get a good lookin effect.

And That's It!

U've got the Aurora.

Everytime u will do it by zero the effect will change cos the Cloud Effect it's an randomic Algorithm and the effect change by the mask u apply to it and the color of the background were u put, and so on... 

About the moon this is not the original one file, cos as I said before I have to recover it.
And u don't need to take a look in the EXIF data to understand that a square Photo it's not a basic photo :D.
I've taked the original one a couple of year ago with my Canon 300D using a 600mm like this:


than the photo was worked up... and reworked again, and again.

So I extract it yesterday, again ( I really want u understand this :D), from one of my file and uploaded it. New File? Yes, Old Image? Yes. So what's the prob?
I worked on this moon with a lot of stuff like the Blur / Sharpen Tool, and the Dodge / Burn Tool but I hope U don't need a tutorial for these if I'm Wrong i will provide it too soon.

So, please, take my good willin', my good intentions and don't doubt about everything I do. I start work in the open source sector and lookin to my colleagues I want just to give some help and share my skill too, anything else.

Cheers :D


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Oggetto: Re: R: Re: Solar Round 3 - Almost ended

Hi Samuele,

Samuele Storari wrote:
> The aurora U see was for all created by me, in no complex mode, as u can see in the source file so u don't have to recreate it cos as I done all by myself it's totally open.
> I used the Cloud effect
> http://www.gimpguru.org/Tutorials/SimulatedFog/
> but I color the cloud, and then I distort the cloud, apply the Screen Mode Blending layer Effect and that's all, i don't think we need any license.
I thought that you created the original version of the artwork in 
Photoshop and converted to XCF afterwards. How did you distort the cloud 
in the starburst formation? The tutorial does not cover this, only 
creating the cloud. I spent quite some time attempting this on my own 
and could not reproduce it. I'm not asking about the clouds - those are 
obviously generated by a clouds plugin either in photoshop or gimp - I 
am wondering about the starburst effect/distortion. I'd like to be able 
to reproduce it. Here's some examples from your XCFs to show exactly 
what I mean:

 From Solar_gimp_1900x1200.xcf.bz2, marked as Layer 1:

 From Solar_1280x1024.xcf.bz2, marked as "Night Flare":

Can you teach me how to achieve this effect?
> There're one layers cloned in 4 different layer distorted and opacity changed "coming" from that image:
> http://flickr.com/photos/sstorari/2845527758/
> This photo coming from a mine old shoot, It taked a lot of time to recover it cos for "coming" I mean that I worked on this moon as a file apart than incorporate it in to my graphic and then now I have to recover it.
I was surprised to see that you didn't mention this photo earlier, only 
uploaded it to your account today, and that it has no EXIF data. What 
kind of equipment did you use to take it? It's quite an impressive photo.


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