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Re: [Echo] New system-root-password icon set draft

Martin Sourada a écrit :

Good. Some comments:
        * the 16x16 is not symmetric, which makes it looks a little bit
Should be fixed.
        * on the top of the front face in 256x256, the backgrounds leaks
        in, please fix that
        * I don't like the border in 256x256, could you do it
        traditionally with duplicating the shield, putting it below the
        actual shield and setting border to 1.5-2px with ~0.3 opacity
        and dark orange/brown colour?
Choosing brown instead of orange seems to be a good fit.
        * Generally, I think the border should have been dark
        orange/brown, not metallic
Done, set to brown.
        * Something feels a little bit strange about the shadow for me,
        could you try adding it more bellow the icon than behind it?
Found that shadow was sandwiched between outline and inline drawing.
Some details might be good ;-)
Added echo brand.
PS: IIRC, this is the last icon for System -> Administration in queue,
so next we can move to
Good hear. echo 0.3.3 should be released for both Fedora 8 and 9.


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