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R: Re: R: Re: R: Re: Solar Round 3 - Almost ended

No prob. Paul.
Thanks for your support.


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On Thu, 2008-09-11 at 08:12 -0400, Mairin Duffy wrote:
> Hi Samuele,
> Thanks for the tutorial, I will give it a try!
> Samuele Storari wrote:
> > So, please, take my good willin', my good intentions and don't doubt about everything I do. I start work in the open source sector and lookin to my colleagues I want just to give some help and share my skill too, anything else.
> Oh please don't misunderstand me. I was curious about how you produced 
> the aurora effect for my own curiosity because I tried to do it on my 
> own and couldn't figure it out.
> With the photos, I unfortunately will question every photo used in any 
> artwork submitted here, and there is a notice to that effect on the main 
> Artwork page in the wiki.  I know it might seem as if I'm singling you 
> out and I apologize for that, but no one else used photos in their 
> artwork, only vectors. It's really important that the work we create for 
> Fedora is as free and open as possible and without proper documentation 
> of where things came from, it is extremely difficult to be confident in 
> our licensing. We do license audits of the code in Fedora too and they 
> are even more strict.

Tom Callaway really appreciates the fact that the Artwork team works
hard on making sure their licensing is clear and correct.  He has been
auditing every one of the over 10,000 software packages we have in
Fedora, and it's been a *LOT* of work.

> We have had some history of folks using artwork licensing that was not 
> appropriate (some of the photos you used in invixible are an example) so 
> I think we audit these licenses with good reason.

Because Fedora is meant to be 100% free and redistributable by anyone,
forever, we have to make sure that everything that goes into it has a
clear licensing history.  We wouldn't want to pass anything on to our
community of users that might have some legal tangles for them.

Samuele, thanks for bearing with us as we work through this.  These
processes are not meant to be offensive in any way.  This is a burden
that we bear as a completely free and open source project, and we are
grateful that people like you step up to share their work with us.  In
doing that, you also benefit from understanding how a free (as in
freedom) software project works.

Thanks again.

Paul W. Frields
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