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[Echo] working on new mail-* action icons


The reason for this mail is simple - there are about eleven mail-* icons
in the action context and two of them are missing in the echo icons,
most of those also contain folder in the icon (letter folder) so it's
good idea to recreate all of them in a batch and decide about the folder
design first. So I attach my first try.

Just to prevent unnecessary questions - they are bright intentionally -
they're made from white paper and the current dark design really does
not work very good for them. I also slightly changed the proportions.
They now look alike to gnome icons. Also, due to being thin, there is no
difference between flat and on-the-table projections :-D I also tested
them against various solid-colour backgrounds (actually I tried all echo
colours) and they are easily recognisable on all, but look slightly
better on brighter or bluish backgrounds (as most of other echo icons).

Comments welcome,

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