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Re: [Fedora-art-list] New member

Thanks for welcoming me Martin.

You stand correct at your point. The letter-to-letter transcription is correct, but most English user find Georgios (I am also called Giorgos) confusing, so I use the Roman name George, which has Greek origin (Γεωργός) and it means Farmer.

Giorgos AKA George Zarafidis

2008/9/13 Martin Sourada <martin sourada gmail com>
On Sat, 2008-09-13 at 00:14 +0300, Γεωργιος Ζαραφίδης wrote:
> Greetings list!
> First of all let me introduce myself. My name is George Zarafidis, age 23 years old, studying Communications and Informatics and the Technological Institute of Serres.
> Some bio. I am one of the creators of the SerLUG (Serres Linux User Group) and also the leader of the SerLUG's Graphics Team. I use GIMP, Inkscape, Wings3D and various other design programms.
> I can draw from scratch, or manipulate photos/images and also I do the poster of our LUG. I also do the wallpapers and icons for our release (Slug, which is our Fedora based modified distro).
> An example of my work is the SerLUG's Penguin, SerTUX.
> I am going to do some work from the Design Queue and send it to the list for reviewing.
> George Zarafidis

Hi George and welcome to team. I am looking forward to working with
you :) Your SerTUX is great!

BTW. I noticed in your displayed mail name that your name is Γεωργιος
Ζαραφίδης which I would transcribe to latin alphabet (with my limited
knowledge of greek alphabet thanks to me studying physics) as Georgios
Zarafídes (letter to letter transcription => don't read it as if it were
English), yet you signed with George Zarafidis - I am wondering whether
you just prefer to be called by English speakers George, or whether it
is the correct "romanization" of your name.


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