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Re: Plymouth animated startup

2008/9/13 Charlie Brej <fedora-art brej org>
In Fedora 10 there will be a new graphical startup program replacing RHGB[1]. Its called Plymouth and it starts even earlier than rhgb. You can see a demo of the current default fedora startup here[2]. The system works on plugins to allow different styles of splash screens. To play around with it I wrote a plugin which uses components of the InvinXble theme and animates them. You can see a video of this[3]. It is still work in progress but it does not seem too CPU intensive. I kept the plugin pretty general so it should be easy to change it to suit any theme.

What I would like is some feedback as to whether something like this is desirable.

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/BetterStartup
[2] http://katzj.livejournal.com/432586.html
[3] http://brej.org/test/plymouth_invx.mpg
      and http://brej.org/test/plymouth_invx.gif

That is definitely sexy, I do have one comment though. The current plymouth splash has a progress bar, and as pretty as this is it doesn't tell us anything about the boot progress so a user might be tempted to think we stalled, any thoughts as to the need for such visual feedback?. Aside that I love it.

- David

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