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Re: Plymouth animated startup

Charlie Brej wrote:

I was planning adding a progress bar (not necessarily a bar). Because the process starts before any disks have been mounted, it makes a timed progress bar a little complicated. I think I have a solution but I will need agreement of the developers. The best way is probably to have an estimated 1 minute timer, and as soon as the root is mounted we read the target time from the disk. We then write the boot time to the disk when we are finished averaged over multiple runs. This would more suited to be within the core rather than the plugin. A lot of the callback structures are already there to support this.

Perhaps it would be better to provide the user with info on what's going on instead of adding timed bars? Or let the animation be trigged by a change in the real progress. Stall = animation is stalled, Live progress = live animation. Or something like that.

I'm afraid the progress bar idea is going to be imprecise and will perhaps take to many "hacks" to get implemented?

Just my .2 cents


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