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Re: [Echo] working on new mail-* action icons

2008/9/11 Martin Sourada <martin sourada gmail com>:
> Hi,
> The reason for this mail is simple - there are about eleven mail-* icons
> in the action context and two of them are missing in the echo icons,
> most of those also contain folder in the icon (letter folder) so it's
> good idea to recreate all of them in a batch and decide about the folder
> design first. So I attach my first try.
> Just to prevent unnecessary questions - they are bright intentionally -
> they're made from white paper and the current dark design really does
> not work very good for them. I also slightly changed the proportions.
> They now look alike to gnome icons. Also, due to being thin, there is no
> difference between flat and on-the-table projections :-D I also tested
> them against various solid-colour backgrounds (actually I tried all echo
> colours) and they are easily recognisable on all, but look slightly
> better on brighter or bluish backgrounds (as most of other echo icons).
> Comments welcome,
> Martin
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Hi Martin,

I'm glad to see this icon but at the same time makes me really wonder something.
In the days that you made the current mail icon i said that it looked
"ugly" and so not mail like (maybe not in those words but that was the
result) And i suggested better looking (more realistic) envelope
icons. You where highly against it! Now you made new ones in basically
the style i suggested which kinda stuns me because of your (at that
time) definitive NO. So what did change your mind?

Also something i notice recently.. This icon theme is really going
towards the Oxygen icon theme which make me wonder something else: Why
not stop making those nice icons and use the oxygen icon theme? If
needed adjust that theme to the fedora needs. My guess is that you
will be done a lot faster with this theme if you do it that way.

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