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Re: [Echo] working on new mail-* action icons

On Mon, 2008-09-15 at 00:34 +0200, Mark wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> I'm glad to see this icon but at the same time makes me really wonder something.
> In the days that you made the current mail icon i said that it looked
> "ugly" and so not mail like (maybe not in those words but that was the
> result) And i suggested better looking (more realistic) envelope
> icons. You where highly against it! Now you made new ones in basically
> the style i suggested which kinda stuns me because of your (at that
> time) definitive NO. So what did change your mind?
Heh, I don't remember (and I am too lazy to look in archives)... Anyway,
my opinions do change, evolve. Where I said definitive NO a year ago,
does not mean I'd to the same today. Though I don't change my opinions
on a daily basis, they are not "set in stone". I wonder what my reason
was back then, perhaps I felt Echo should have been darker, or didn't
wanted much to touch original Diana's designs... Or now I've just become
accustomed to the 24x24 version of the mail icons (which are similarly
bright to my current designs) and gnome mail icons...

> Also something i notice recently.. This icon theme is really going
> towards the Oxygen icon theme which make me wonder something else: Why
> not stop making those nice icons and use the oxygen icon theme? If
> needed adjust that theme to the fedora needs. My guess is that you
> will be done a lot faster with this theme if you do it that way.
Does it? I'd argue that the current looks is closer to gnome icons than
oxygen ones...

We were asked to base our work on Tango in the past, now we are asked to
base it on Oxygen... My only reply to that is: we're neither and we
won't throw our past work away ;-)


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