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Re: Plymouth animated startup

Charlie Brej escribió:
David Nielsen wrote:

2008/9/13 Charlie Brej <fedora-art brej org <mailto:fedora-art brej org>>

    In Fedora 10 there will be a new graphical startup program replacing
    RHGB[1]. Its called Plymouth and it starts even earlier than rhgb.
    You can see a demo of the current default fedora startup here[2].
    The system works on plugins to allow different styles of splash
    screens. To play around with it I wrote a plugin which uses
    components of the InvinXble theme and animates them. You can see a
    video of this[3]. It is still work in progress but it does not seem
    too CPU intensive. I kept the plugin pretty general so it should be
    easy to change it to suit any theme.

    What I would like is some feedback as to whether something like this
    is desirable.

    [1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/BetterStartup
    [2] http://katzj.livejournal.com/432586.html
    [3] http://brej.org/test/plymouth_invx.mpg
          and http://brej.org/test/plymouth_invx.gif

That is definitely sexy, I do have one comment though. The current plymouth splash has a progress bar, and as pretty as this is it doesn't tell us anything about the boot progress so a user might be tempted to think we stalled, any thoughts as to the need for such visual feedback?. Aside that I love it.

- David

I was planning adding a progress bar (not necessarily a bar). Because the process starts before any disks have been mounted, it makes a timed progress bar a little complicated. I think I have a solution but I will need agreement of the developers. The best way is probably to have an estimated 1 minute timer, and as soon as the root is mounted we read the target time from the disk. We then write the boot time to the disk when we are finished averaged over multiple runs. This would more suited to be within the core rather than the plugin. A lot of the callback structures are already there to support this.
Only a suggestion, how about a blue-ish hue to on the Katana's blade as the boot progresses to give a sort of feedback? (instead of a progress bar as such, using the same logic that would apply to a progress bar), though I'm not sure how feasible it might be, especially considering graphics overlapping, added overhead, code involved, etc.

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