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Re: [Echo] New mail-* icons (total of eleven icons)

Martin Sourada wrote:

So before I reference the sources/PNGs, I'll tell some words about
difficulties I had/have:

        * the mail-reply-all icon sis pretty hard to do right in Echo
        style. First that type of arrows that are used in gnome icons is
        hard to do in Echo style, especially in small sizes and plain
        arrows just don't work when they are side-to-side. So I tried
        various colour combinations and arrow positions until I came up
        with the current design [1]. I hope it's good enough...

You have two icons, one pointing left (reply) and another pointing right (forward). Not sure the likeness to the forward operation is wise. Here is how this icon looks in the default Thunderbird theme: the same back arrow as for "reply" but *two* envelopes (you reply by using more than one mail) - but this may not work at 16x16, here you do not display the envelope.

Note: I think it is a mistake that the 16x16 icon has both of the arrows pointing left (back), unlike the other sizes. The set should be consistent internally.

        * the mail-(not)junk proved pretty hard to create, especially in
        the 256x256 size - drawing crumpled paper with inkscape isn't
        easy, but somehow I managed to draw something that looks like it
        (though it probably might look better) [2]. If anyone feels
        (s)he could improve it, feel free to do so :)

How about using the trash can? To not confuse with "delete mail", maybe envelope + trash can?

        * I decided to put some text on the 256x256 mail-mark-read icon,
        because the size big is enough for that, however as I didn't
        know what to put there, I used lorem ipsum, today's date and
        "address" Echo Icon Theme; Fedora Project... I used URW Chancery
        L font (hope it's OK to use it) for that since I liked it there,
        and in a size that's not readable (but looks IMHO good) :-D

That is a nice touch (the cursive writing and all) and the "lorem ipsum" is the safest choice. As the text is normally unreadable, you can use it as an "Easter egg", putting in there anything you want: the description of Fedora mission, your favorite cook book recipe, an essay about beer (ups! I forgot you don't drink beer :D), some advanced physics, a love letter for someone special, etc (tip: open Firefox and type "about:mozilla" in the location bar).

I think I would be tempted to go with a funny "Easter egg" myself.

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