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Re: [Echo] New mail-* icons (total of eleven icons)

Andreas Nilsson wrote:
Nicu Buculei wrote:
I think now is a bug (and also a bug in the gnome icon theme), so the arrows in all the variant of the icon should point the same directions. I leave up to decide if the direction is only left or both left and right based or may take above of "reply all" not being related to "forward".
Totally agree that this is inconsistent and bad. I like your ideas a lot better.
Did you file a bug against gnome-icon-theme already, or should I do that?

No, I didn't fill the bug in GNOME as a Thunderbird user myself I wasn't aware of the problem until now.

I'm also going to see if it's possible to get rid of some of the envelope noise in the evolution message list, right now it uses a icon for every single state, and all of them are envelopes. Just makes things look cluttered.

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