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Re: [Ech0] Features for Fedora 10 Beta

Andreas Nilsson wrote:
Would it be suitable to mention on the wiki under Benefits where it says:
"A unique set of icon that combines elegance and usability."
That it will also mean a drawback in terms of integration on Fedora for 3rd party developers such as Mozilla [1], Medsphere [2] and VMWare [3]?

* VMware is closed source software, outside of the Fedora mission, so it does not matter; * I doubt that Medsphere OpenVista should be a blocker, it does not like a software I would recommend to be run on Fedora; * by Mozilla I guess you mean Firefox, as Thunderbird and Seamonkey do not use the GNOME icon theme anyway. After covering the base icons, I think the most obvious goal for Echo is to cover the Firefox icons.

I don't think integration with 3rd party applications should be a concern, otherwise we are going to a slippery slope and may get to think about consistency with Windows icons (via Wine).

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