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[Echo] New Actions dialog-* + process-stop icons


I've just finished creating new icons for:
dialog-no (stock gtk-no)
dialog-cancel (also gtk-cancel)
dialog-yes (stpck gtk-yes)
dialog-ok (also gtk-ok)
dialog-apply (stock gtk-apply)

Following the current echo style, I created a template for all those
icons, so they are consistent between themselves. Finding good metaphors
for those icons is hard, because dialog-{no,cancel} I usually associated
with the same metaphor(s), in gtk stock icons gtk-no is just red globe
and is too much similar to media-record. Next dialog-{yes,ok,apply} also
are associated with same metaphor and in gtk stock icons the gtk-yes is
just green globe, which works better than the red globe for gtk-no...
Also process-stop is currently also using an icon that is very much
similar to already established metaphors for dialog-cancel...

So after a lot of though I decided to leave the icons that are already
in echo with (nearly) untouched metaphor, for process-stop use the same
metaphor as uses gnome-icon-theme, for dialog-apply use same as for
dialog-ok, but in blue instead of green, for dialog-no used some sort of
"this way is blocked" kind of metaphor and for dialog-yes used "no"
metaphor (could be interpreted as some sort of "this way is open" kind
of metaphor).

Check my fedorapeople page [1] to know what I am trying to talk about...
Suggestions, especially those leading to better metaphor usage, are
welcome, from a design point of view, I am pretty much satisfied with
those icons.


[1] http://mso.fedorapeople.org/echo/Actions/

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