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Re: Game graphics needed - Project: Starfighter

Erick Henrique wrote:

Hi Hans


AFAIK, Hans is not subscribed to out list, so you may need to add him to CC: (or just use the "reply all" button).

Then, we need to redesign all the graphs of the game and will use in a version 100% free under GPL, including the sounds and music. Correct? I go to unpack the archive starfighter.pak and to study a form of I redesign everything in a new style.

Unpack the tar.gz.

Is up to you if you want to redo all the graphic set: 176 images, but some are really simple and some are just left-right mirrored. I guess it may be simpler to start from scratch than learning a different style.

You could create wiki for me, please, Nicu. Who more goes helping in them in this mission? =)


For example, joining the archives of sound and musics that will substitute the originals of the Starfighter project. I will make the drawings.

As I understand, the music and sounds are already taken care of, probably resolved.


Erick Goes

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