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Re: [Echo]New object-rotate-right icon draft (last of object-* series)

On Wed, 2008-09-17 at 15:46 -0700, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
> So that was the bug from echo-artist package. Good to see the process is
> fixed.
The only bug I am aware of so far was exposed in this commit:

That was fixed with echo-artist-0.1.1.

> Let's give a try.
> Luya
Good, just check whether you have the 48x48 icon grouped and labelled as
scalable (otherwise the scalable icon might end up being empty). I
recently realised I tend to forgot to do that step (and it's possible I
forgot to do it in the object-rotate-* icons), so I'll probably create
another script that would just check if the source SVG is OK and print
warnings/errors if there are problems... Or maybe I could check it in
the echo-add-icon before anything is done...


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