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Re: Using Fedora Hosted Space for Art Team?

On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 02:35:05PM +0300, Nicu Buculei wrote:
> It is about released graphics, like a history and a place where one can  
> find the graphics from previous releases *or* a place where to upload  
> proposals and work-in progress for the next release?
> I am strongly against something which would raise the barrier to entry,  
> so a NO-NO would be to require git to upload sketches (proposals) for  
> the upcoming release.
Agreed. Sketches are already usually uploaded to either fedorapeople.org
or are shoved on our current wiki, and that's how it should be. The git
repo would just be for contingency.

> If we are using only the wiki from there (Trac), what is the advantage  
> over using the main wiki?
> The disadvantage would be poorer discoverability and a need to know a  
> second wiki syntax.
There is none, other than integration with our git repo, which is not
necessary. (see below)

> Do you propose using the ticket system for things like the DesignService  
> queue?
I do, at least. And I have before. The current DesignService makes it
harder to follow conversations between people, while a ticket-based
system keeps things rolling smoothly, and separate from any others.

> Here is another scenario: we have something like a poster or T-shirt  
> design and upload it to fedorahosted. If someone want to include it in a  
> marketing page from the main Fedora wiki, what is he supposed to do?
> - duplicate the image to fp.o/wiki
> - hotlink the image
> - do not inlcude the image, only a link to it
In this case you'd have to either do the first or the third. Hotlinking
is considered a "security risk" and is disabled. I'm an advocate for the
first one, unless we can come up with an extension to read a file out of
a git repo. (not likely)

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