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Re: [Echo] New Actions dialog-* + process-stop icons - update

I've slightly updated the icons. First I used correct projection (in
guidelines incorrectly called perspective) for the 22x22 version, also
I've further distinguished the dialog-ok and dialog-ok-apply (I changed
the name from dialog-apply to be same as in oxygen icon theme). The
change makes the dialog-ok-apply one slightly distinctive from the other
icons, but that might not necessarily be bad, since it has usually
slightly different consequences (while all the other icons, sans
process-stop, usually close the opened window in the process, the apply
one is usually not used that way).

Anyway, I still wait for some feedback for the chosen metaphors (nicu
had some suggestions for dialog-ok, but they didn't turn out much good).
Basically some of the icons go in pairs, I'd also like to keep the
original metaphors (to not confuse people by sudden big change) for
dialog-{ok,cancel,close}. The pairs are:

dialog-cancel x dialog-ok
dialog-no x dialog-yes

There's slight problem with dialog-{no,yes} since they are frequently
misused, e.g. in system-config-services for displaying whether the
service is running or is stopped... We have to keep that in mind. Also
the dialog-ok-apply is sometimes used in tool-bars => another reason to
keep it slightly distinctive from the other dialog-* icons.

I attach dialog-ok and dialog-ok-apply, so that you can see the actual
difference without having to open web browser, the rest can be found on
my fp.o page [1].

Comments welcome,

[1] http://mso.fedorapeople.org/echo/Actions/

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