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Re: Plymouth animated startup

Hi Charlie,

Charlie Brej wrote:
In Fedora 10 there will be a new graphical startup program replacing RHGB[1]. Its called Plymouth and it starts even earlier than rhgb. You can see a demo of the current default fedora startup here[2]. The system works on plugins to allow different styles of splash screens. To play around with it I wrote a plugin which uses components of the InvinXble theme and animates them. You can see a video of this[3]. It is still work in progress but it does not seem too CPU intensive. I kept the plugin pretty general so it should be easy to change it to suit any theme.

What I would like is some feedback as to whether something like this is desirable.

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/BetterStartup
[2] http://katzj.livejournal.com/432586.html
[3] http://brej.org/test/plymouth_invx.mpg
       and http://brej.org/test/plymouth_invx.gif

I just saw your startup screen running on Ray Strode's machine and it is really fantastic.

It'd be cool to see one with spinning gears for Gears, and one with solar flares for Solar!


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